Who We Are

Aloha! Let us help you to capture on aerial camera your adventures in Hawaii! We are a FAA licensed and fully insured drone aerial photography and video production company. We can shoot vacations, weddings, and events, basically everything! The sky is the limit!

What We Will Do

Drone footage is an exciting way to re-live your special activity over and over again, whether it is a wedding, a family picnic, an indoor or outdoor birthday party, etc. It will be a whole new perspective to view your activity from the sky. Whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime event or something that you do all the time, you can be sure that your memory library will be full of enjoyment and excitement.

We schedule your event ahead of time so that we can plan and coordinate to fulfill all of your requests on the shooting day.


Some couples want extravagance on their wedding day, while others look for affordability. Everyone, however, wants their wedding to flow seamlessly so that they can enjoy that precious moment with the people that they love.

Drone-Vision will capture your special day from the sky, whether it is just the two of you or a small group of family and friends. We can provide a whole new view of your wedding in various locations, including Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches.

We look forward to making your dream wedding a cherished memory for life!

Drones: Did You Know?

Some Background
Drones are unmanned aircraft that are remotely controlled. Drones may be equipped with cameras or other sensors and measuring equipment. They were originally developed for military use, but are now also used for civilian purposes in many different areas such as search and rescue, architecture and construction, agriculture, real estate, photography, and of course, recreation.

Drones flown for commercial use MUST be flown under the Federal Aviation Administration’s (“FAA”) Small UAS Rule (Part 107). This requires the drone operator to get a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA, to register their aircraft with the FAA, and to follow all part 107 rules.
Photographs/video obtained from drones NOT flown under the FAA Small UAS Rule may NOT be used for any commercial purpose.

Search and Rescue
Civil authorities use drones to search for survivors after natural disasters.

Architecture and Construction
Architects use drones to see how a proposed building will fit visually into the surrounding environment from all different angles, and to even get a look of the view out of a particular building window, all before the building is even built. Once construction begins, architects use drones to monitor the progress of the construction.
Drones are used to conduct inspections of places that are difficult or dangerous for people to access, to monitor safety issues at a jobsite, or to even monitor jobsite traffic flow efficiency to see if construction materials are stored in optimal locations.

Farmers are increasingly using drones to help them monitor the condition of their crops. From the sky, they are able to spot areas that are having problems and can make better decisions in a timely manner that will help them to maximize their harvests while minimizing the use of costly resources such as water, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.

Real Estate
Realtors use videos and photographs taken by drones to better show their clients their properties and the surrounding neighborhood.

Photographers and videographers use drones to capture shots and footage that were not previously possible, even with helicopters. (Can you imagine a wedding ceremony with a helicopter hovering close by?)

Drone FAQ
Drones are quite sophisticated flying machines. They operate by using a series of precisely positioned propellers and battery powered motors which lift and maneuver the vehicle in the air. Drones are most often equipped with a gimbal mounted camera that can take both photographs and video. The gimbal stabilizes the camera and allows it to be pointed in various directions. The drone is controlled by a pilot using a remote control device to control both the flight and the camera. It takes experience to skillfully maneuver a drone and its camera. Here at Drone-Vision, all of our pilots have the experience to get you the best shots possible.
Drone video provides you with views of your subject that you simply cannot get by other means. And now, this type of video is more affordable than ever before! Drone-Vision can help your video production stand out from the crowd. Skillfully incorporating drone footage into your video production will add a whole new dimension to it.
Drones carry a remote controlled, gimbal (a stabilization device) mounted camera. At Drone-Vision, we constantly monitor the video while we are shooting it. This allows us to discover new angles and novel views of your subject, to provide you with the best shots for your needs.
YouTube! YouTube is currently the best place to start. Make sure to do search engine optimization (SEO) for your video, as this will help to drive viewers to it. Also, post your video on your website and on your social media accounts. We can help you with effectively using your drone video for advertising!
Of course, drone video can provide stunning outside views of your property and its surroundings, but did you know that drones can also be flown INSIDE of a house to produce a video which takes your viewer on an intimate, guided tour of the inside of the house? Drone-Vision can help you to show off all the beauty of your property.
Make sure that your drone professional is certified by the FAA. FAA certification is now required for commercial drone pilots. Without this certification, any video taken may not be legally used for any commercial purpose. FAA certification ensures that the drone pilot has reached a certain level of achievement in knowledge of flying drones from a safety and maintenance standpoint. At Drone-Vision, all of our pilots are FAA certified.
First, follow the FAA guidelines, which include pre-flight maintenance and testing. Stay away from airports and other aircraft, fly below 400 feet in altitude, fly under 100 miles per hour, fly only in good weather conditions, fly only during daylight hours, and maintain a constant line of sight with the drone. Always use common sense when flying your drone. Ask yourself: What would happen if my drone fell out of the sky? This means that you should not fly over crowds of people, streets, or moving traffic. As you become more experienced in flying drones, you will learn other safety aspects regarding the drones you use. Here at Drone-Vision, safety is our number one priority.
It all depends on the project and what your needs are. Give us a call, and we can give you a price quote.


Walter Miyanari


I have been living in Hawaii now for 27 years. Placing my hopes for the future in this land, I moved here from Japan when I was 34 years old. I have been struggling every day to overcome my language handicap. Throughout these years, I have come to realize the importance of visual communication along with verbal communication. I worked in the photography section of a major Japanese newspaper, and there also I could see the importance of pictures to news reporting. Once, I was asked to do drone videoing at the wedding of my niece in Japan. It was the first time that I had flown a drone in Japan. The videoing did not go as I expected, and the results did not come close to that grand image that I had in my mind. I painfully realized how difficult drone videography was.
Based on that experience, I am now developing an outdoor drone videography business that focuses on weddings in Hawaii.
My hobbies are surfing and all marine sports. On weekdays, I also run my own coffee shop. These are keeping me quite busy every day.

Shaun Chung

Drone Pilot

My name is Shaun Chung. I am a FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Pilot...AKA Drone Man for Drone Vision! I am more than happy to be your pilot for your many amazing aerial visions of the great paradise of Hawaii.
However, before we fly, just a little about myself since we will need to work together nicely. I have been in the aviation business since 2003. I am proud to say that I currently hold 5 FAA pilot / airman certificates. I am a Certified Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot (Real fixed wing airplane), Advanced Ground Instructor, Airline grade Aircraft Dispatcher, and of course, your very own Remote Pilot. So, it is airworthy to say that you will be in good hands with me working with you at Drone Vision.
I am also happy to say I am a sort of a local Hawaiian since 2009. I love spicy Ahi and Spam Masubi! I would be happy to show you the best and the most beautiful locations for your aerial masterpieces which we will compose together. Okay, lets go fly and see you soon at Drone Vision!

Christian Gehrke

Drone Pilot

I have been living and working in Hawaii for over 24 years. I have a passion for flying and new technology. I am certified by the FAA to pilot unmanned aircraft and have been flying for over 4 years. With hundreds of hours of flying experience, I am able to get the perfect aerial shot whether it be for photography or cinematography. My work has been featured on multiple commercials, luxury real estate advertisements, informative overviews and fine art prints.
In addition to creative aerial work, I also work with construction and roofing professionals to assist with technical inspections. By using immersive real-time virtual reality equipment, I enable inspectors to view details and guide flight paths while I pilot the aircraft.
In addition to my flying and filming experience, I also have more than 19 years of professional web development and information technology experience. Over the years I have worked for large fortune 500 companies and small startup companies in a wide range of roles.

Carl Jellings

Drone Pilot

Hi my name is Carl Jellings, I am a 5th generation Akule fishermen, I starting fishing with my father when I was just two years old, I’ve spent a good portion of my life on the ocean ever since.
In order to help my family’s business I learned how to incorporate drones, as well as became a certified drone pilot. Due to this Experience I have gotten proficient at using DJI drones at sea. My experience doing these drone launches and recovery’s at sea, will allow me to better insure your event is captured.
I hope to be of assistance if you wish to gain drone photography or video near or on ocean.

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